Wednesday 20 May 2015

Defamation - staying protected

In March, with the wonderful support of mySociety, I presented a half-day training session at Mozilla London about the English law of defamation and its relevance to people running websites with user-generated content. There has been some interesting new law (including the Defamation Act 2013) which bears close examination.

People seemed to have fun and mySociety have kindly produced a video of me giving the event. I am not sure how watchable this really is because I was not presenting for a video, but for an audience. My slides (in PDF format) and some notes should be available on github pages.

My apologies for the very many errors and formatting infelicities there are bound to be. I am still new at publishing things in this way. Comments welcome, but errors, missing material or other areas where you think there may be room for improvement are best raised as github issues.